Welcome to the online home of Dream Beard Oils.

Our American-made oils awaken the dormant power of your beard, unlocking the maximum potential of your facial hair. 

Use Dream Beard, Grow your Dream Beard.

Our Story

Once upon a time... A dude just like you had issues with his beard and set out on a journey to unlock the mysteries of facial hair. After tons of research and a bunch of other boring stuff, he created a life changing product.

Who Uses Dream Beard?
Men. Specifically, bearded men. Ones who take pride in the glorious gift that is their beard. Dream Beard is for the working man, the everyman, the gentleman, and the man whose got what it takes to live the Dream.


Rub desired amount of your chosen oil into a dry beard. Dream Beard is designed for the overall health of facial hair to keep it growing thick, soft, and moisturizing to prevent itch and dry skin.

What People Are Saying

One of the best beard oils I have ever used. Also an amazing company!
— Justin Kellermeier, Pro Bearding Competitor
I highly recommend Dream Beard Oil for your Whiskers!
— Sean Michel, Singer-songwriter & bearded man
My Beard likes to dream with Dream Beard
— John Mark Mcmillan, Singer-songwriter & bearded man
Dream Beard’s hand crafted oils would be a great addition to anyone’s list of beard care products because a healthy beard is a happy beard!
— Incredibeard - Beard Freestyler